WTA Australian Open Futures

Linesmakers do not know what to do after plunking down Serena as the favorite to win the Australian Open to start 2016.  While most of the upcoming generation have mental weaknesses of one kind or another, a lady of the old guard inherited the second slot behind Serena.  Find out who this is and how she has almost no chance this January.  This and other oddities coming up next here at APEX Tennis Betting.

What Where They Thinking?

Only seven ladies have worse odds than Eugenie Bouchard for the futures of winning the Australian Open.  The bubbly blonde who bounced her head off the bathroom tile at the USTA.  She has been suffering from concussions and the aftermaths for months.  She has not even committed to play but instead opted for Hobart to see how things go.  Even if she can go and everything is all right, no way an out of tennis shape Genie can win in the grueling heat down under.  Anyone that wagers this future should just but scratch off lottery tickets instead.

Almost as Bad

Sharapova being second in the rankings.  While her physical decline is not like Nadal’s, her shoulder still prevents her from having any sort of weapon for a serve.  Without this offensive aspect, the heat will sap her chances just as much as Bouchard.  Her age and two weeks will just wear her down no matter how mentally strong she is.  Avoid this future to win as well.

Who We Like

Azarenka near +650 and Bencic for your super long shot at +2000.  Victoria has everything except for a dedication to fitness going for her.  If she shows up either ten pounds lighter or with more muscle tone, she can rival Serena and probably beat her heads up.  Meanwhile, Bencic is the future for tennis and Australia is a fertile field to reap your first Slam title.  Everyone else is wait and see to determine form.  Only these two can just show up and be ready to ball.

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