Winners and Losers of the ATP This Week

Even flashes in the pan can be valuable.  While they are too erratic to wager on their own merit, they provide glimpses into the prowess of other players.  What high profile upset does just that last week?  Also what person on the cusp took a step back to the one of the hardest working players in tennis.  The winners and losers of last week are on tap for Apex Tennis Betting.

Fabio Flubbed

Fognini answered the question on whether it was his play or Nadal’s woes a few weeks ago in Rio.  Following such a good win for the Italian, he bombed in Buenos Aires.  Three games in one match and out he went.  Carlos Berlocq is no world beater and to be drubbed like that is woeful.  Now the futures should get even worse for Nadal as the world thinks he is even more vulnerable after this baffling Fognini loss.

Kei Crumbles

We are happy to see David Ferrer be on the uptick this season.  A third title in such a young season is admirable for one of the hardest working players on the tour.  However, this was not a good result for Kei.  He is supposed to vanquish the old guard when they are vulnerable.  If he can not get past Ferrer, Novak is just that much more unbeatable to him.  A final is a good result but to lose to this opponent is not great for the ATP.

  • Nadal Wins Buenos Aires.  Meh.  Means Little unless he lost.  Easy tourney draw.

Finally we get to the curious case of Roger.  Two set tournaments are kind to him these days.  He polished off Novak 6-3, and 7-5 where fitness played no role in it.  Federer is no slouch but can no longer due the five set wars that Novak thrives in.  Now here comes a delicate balance for the Swiss player.  If he plays a lot to keep his form humming then his energy reserves will ebb.  On the sidelines, and rust could form.  For a many whose only success left is one more Slam single’s title, there is no easy answer to this question.  The ATP essentially takes a week off as no major tourney is on the slate.  Keep in mind whom is going up and down at the moment and we will come back next week to make that money to parlay into the French Open.