Wimbledon Opens Up as Serena Lets Loose

2015 brings about another edition of Wimbledon. Novak and Kvitova are the defending champs. Djokovic is even a stronger favorite this time around. The ladies side could not say the same as Petra has floundered once again outside of this surface. She is such an unknown quantity that handicapper her is a slippery slope. Apex Tennis Betting peeks in on the world #1 on the women’s side to see that she is already acting up early on. Also what tech toy has invaded the hallowed sod?

Atypical Serena Bomb

With one of the better serves in the game, Serena Williams could bomb with the best of them on the ladies tour. At Wimbledon, the crowd had hoped to see these but instead had to endure one of an auditory nature. A rough and tumble fall in the sixth game of the first set saw her meet the grass surface. A point after saw the lineswoman dash over to the chair. A warning was then issued for obscenity of an audible nature. Glowering at the person afterwards, Serena got down to business and blew out her first round opponent 6-1 in the second. The world’s #1 seems to be in a feisty mood for this fortnight.

Send in the Drones

Normally this term is used for the qualifiers and unimaginative players that provide fodder for the higher seeds. The 2015 edition of the tournament saw the Metropolitan police force get into the act before the tourney started. A distinctive whirling buzz of a drone could be heard and seen making the rounds of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Spurred into action, the hunt for the operator took them to a nearby golf course. A confusing set of regulations in the UK can be boiled down to this.

  • Keep it in sight and not near traffic, people, animals, nor structures.

The killjoys noted the fifty foot rule for structures to order the drone to the ground. More government expense as the golf courses and other public places now must be trolled for operators wanting to invade Wimbledon. Do not allow yourself to be on the sidelines for this one. Invest at America’s Bookie today. With generous promotions, they provide the parachute so that even a rough start would not derail your sports speculation. Thank you for joining us today and we will have more Wimbledon action for you here at APEX Tennis Betting.