Two WTA Beauties, Off Time, and Potential Progress

Should the approach of the French Open be judged too seriously?  After all, we go Rafa ousted in a semi final on clay for the first time in twelve years.  A determination of that can be gleaned by looking at the private lives of the pros.  What level of enjoyment are they having could be in direct proportion on how serious they are taking this period of time.  Apex Tennis Betting will look at that and a much needed coaching change that could pay off huge for us this season.

Caroline Mesmerized by Dubai

Kudos for her rebounding in such a great way after her personal life went south.The break up of Wozniacki and Rory made headlines with the Brit nailing down a major title.  Caroline  has been upward in her profession as of late as well.  She has taken it to a new step and is broadening her horizions.  She goes sand boarding in the deserts of Dubai and admits it is a nerve racking time.  Also she got into a little falconry as a three year old bird did a flyover during her fun.  Oh yes, she was also in a tournament and bowed out in three sets to Halep in the semis.

Aza and Dead Weight

One can not afford to accept the status quo when Maria and Serena are not much longer in the ATP.  Victoria is primed to get into that top position if she can remain healthy.  She has departed from her coach of five years.  Apex is hoping that she gets management that implores her to lose that little bit of baby fat she still has.  She gets into Caroline shape and she could own the WTA for years to come.  If the match is right, Wimbledon could be hers this year.

We can not get a peg on Caroline as she faltered in Aza’s comeback bid down under early this year.  She is propelling upward but she might be a little to much in the moment to do great things in Paris.  Meanwhile, look to Victoria.  If her new coach uses keys like conditioning and stamina then we could be well on our way  to some great prices for her in the French and beyond.