Two of the Big Four Floundering As Clay Court Season Arrives


What Resides in the Head of Murray?

More times Andy Murray limits himself rather than pushing beyond himself with his on court antics.  He is not rude but very demonstrative of how he feels the match is going.  This give more hope to foes than he should allow.  After losing to Novak in three sets on Sunday, Murray contemplates how he can finally surmount Novak?  Is it just him or does Murray have more pressing problems against the field?  A third set bagel and losing seven straight against the World’s #1 sticks out like a sore thumb.  He blamed Australia on mental fatigue while `Miami gave him rubber legs in the third.  The problem is just not Novak but an over reliance on talent and shot making.  When healthy, he can get by most on sheer moxie.  His arsenal is impressive but he lets it slip in both the mental and physical realms.  Novak was the same way but he came to the conclusion he had to change.  Until Andy will, he will not reach his full Grand Slam potential and should be faded.

On the American Side of Tennis

  • Serena may have a summer rival in Halep after their semifinal in Miami.
  • Isner is back in the Top Twenty as his dog and pony show approaches Wimbledon.
  • Luke warm reception for the home players.  Americans were getting drowned out by the Euro fans especially in the Halep semifinal.
  • Alexa Glatch might be overcoming her injury woes.  Look for this low ranked player for some underdog love.

A wake up for those that tail Nadal.  The slap in the face he might need has happened.  He dropped two spots to #5.  While going below Andy Murray might not vex him but he has dipped below Kei.  Nishikori does it by doing above average in almost every tourney he plays in.  His game is not the world beating potential that Rafa might still have.  As the clay court season starts, this might be the spur to propel him onto the French.  Stay tuned to Apex Tennis Betting as the clay season starts this week.  Tune in next time for our Free Pick to Profit by.