Tomas Tanks and Eugenie Lawsuit

Both tours come from and center in this edition of APEX Tennis Betting.  Here we have Tomas Berdych in his almost annual appearance in the end of the year championships.  Also the United States Tennis Association responds to the Eugenie Bouchard lawsuit over her slip and fall at the US Open.  We tackle these issues right now at APEX Tennis Betting.

Berdych Bombs

Enough to be above average and active enough to get him in the top ten, Tomas has made a mint being better than mediocrity.  Players must high five their coaches when they see his name in their group for the end of the year championships.  Tomas got crushed by Feds two and four.  Nei needed three sets but came through in customary fashion.  How well does it pay to be at Tomas’ level?  $20 million in earnings with no grand slam wins is a pretty good life to cash checks and not come through with the big one.

Eugenie Lawsuit

Ok if anyone doubts the lingering effects of a concussion then one only has to look at Bouchard to see a career derailed.  She was finally getting her form back when a slip in fall in the shower at the USTA US Open put her out for quite a while.  A few comebacks came complete with dizziness and tears.  Now the legal action has started with her contending the USTA responsible for unsafe conditions.  Now the defendant has responded saying that she should not have been there alone without an authorized person.  Sounds like they admit the situation existed and am blaming the victim for being in an “unauthorized” zone.  We will continue to report as the legal process plays out.

Check in next time at APEX Tennis Betting as we will have an ATP free pick when the qualifying groups conclude at the end of year championships.  Good fortune and until next time enjoy the holidays.