Tennis News : Hot Players Defy Quantification

This Monday brings us upheaval in Tennis News.  With the French Open less than a month away, the men’s and woman’s tours are undergoing a slight shift in the hierarchy.  On the ladies side, Angelique Kerber is making a name for herself as possibly the best woman player on the planet not named Serena.  Handicappers on the men’s side are even more in a quandary as the return of the King of Clay clashes with the mathematical models of wagering.  So sit back and embrace all the nuances that the sport has to offer here at APEX Tennis Betting.

Tennis News : Kerber Defends Title

Players that are succeeding on levels where they used to flounder put an additional wrinkle into our sports handicapping.  Beyond the basics of who wins, these feisty players create vulnerabilities on both sides for spread of games, tennis totals, and other aspects of match wagering.  For those that are not familiar with this variety of tennis investment, APEX Tennis betting has developed a section on other ways to bet tennis that covers more ways to cash in on the tournaments.  At the Porsche Tennis Gran Prix, not only did Kerber successfully defended her title for the first time but she did so in eye opening fashion.  She was down 4-2 in the final and then rattled off the rest of the games to win 6-4 and 6-0.  This type of finishing kick creates profitable exploits not only in tennis totals but in live wagering opportunities as well.  Do your homework this month on Angelique Kerber and it might pay off handsomely for you at the French Open.

Reclaiming His Crowns

Another point to ponder is how does one handicap a player who is going for one last hurrah.  Rafael Nadal was won back to back titles for the first time since 2013.  Monaco and now Barcelona he has reclaimed as his own.  He beat Nishikori in the finals.  Kei had won the event the last two years prior to this.  Nadal’s recovery from the ravages of time has been remarkable.  From this, an avalanche of money has poured in on him for the French Open futures.  The market has shifted from +750’s down to the +350 to make him a clear second favorite at the year’s next Grand Slam event.  A lot of sentimental money will be on the King of Clay to make it ten French Open titles.  Novak is near the -125 to -150 level to win this.  High profile players like Federer said that no one should doubt Nadal if he makes it to the final.  So our job in the next couple of weeks is to gauge how well his body can hold up to a very long two week event on the slowest surface of any of the slams god of war midgard summary by freeslotscentral.

Fascinating times are among us.  Serena has a limited time left and this French Open might show all the age.  On the men’s side, we have a person defying Father Time for one last run to make it ten titles at Roland Garros.  Follow us at APEX Tennis Betting as we bring you these and other relevant topics that make tennis handicapping so profitable.  Good fortune this week and we will see you next time here at APEX Tennis.