Queen’s Club : Review of Day One and a Look Forward

Everyone has a sponsor it seems as this is now called the Aegon Championships.  In truth, the old guard will refer to it as Queen’s Club.  One of the few tune ups for the next slam event, this has seen a surge in popularity this year.  So much so that it has jumped from ATP

Onto Grass Court Season After French Open Recap

Both the season and the surface is set to change as both tours prepare to leave France. The grass court season culminating in Wimbledon brings a new style of obstacle to overcome in picking winners. Before look ahead, let us peak in the past to see what we can learn from the French. So without

Early Front Runners To Ascend the ATP in 2015

A second distinct level of talent is rising on the ATP tour.  With Novak and Andy clearly at the top, Rafa and Roger are ripe to fall.  Now there is a kind of player ready to get to that second tier by demonstrating dominance over all but the top two.  Who are they and what

ATP London Aftermath, Davis Cup Final, and Aussie Open Upcoming!

While nearly unwatchable fr the most part, ATP London was pretty predictable and gained us profit from the early rounds.  Most of the watches were runaway affairs which made wagering the under totals a cash cow.  With Federer waving the white flag before the Finals, Novak triumphed once again and capped off a pretty satisfying