Moneyline Management Tips for the French Open

Monday has come for our moneyline management tips for the ongoing French Open.  Weather has dominated the action more than just delays.  Find out how to adjust your handicapping midstream for this second leg of the Grand Slam.  Both the men and women have been in action and we will take our observations and translate

Onto Grass Court Season After French Open Recap

Both the season and the surface is set to change as both tours prepare to leave France. The grass court season culminating in Wimbledon brings a new style of obstacle to overcome in picking winners. Before look ahead, let us peak in the past to see what we can learn from the French. So without

Kei Continues to Make History

With Nishikori making history at the French, it presents a very interesting match for both profit and entertainment value.  Find out what he accomplished that has not been done in 82 years.  Also whom is his opponent that makes it the second most interesting quarterfinal if Novak-Nadal comes to fruition.  Read on at Apex Tennis

Change in Rankings Reflect French Open Futures

While the mountain top still sees the same face perched upon it, those that aspire to dethrone the #1’s have changed.  The WTA sees a new power rise to challenge Serena.  ATP fans see a new player rise from a small country to challenge the titans.  With the landscape alterations, the futures for the French

Two of the Big Four Floundering As Clay Court Season Arrives

  What Resides in the Head of Murray? More times Andy Murray limits himself rather than pushing beyond himself with his on court antics.  He is not rude but very demonstrative of how he feels the match is going.  This give more hope to foes than he should allow.  After losing to Novak in three

ATP Impressions From Miami

Novak keeps on going but there is another person on the ATP that has been rock steady in the early going.  What player should have the ML parlay component bet on  in the early rounds?  Also find out what hometown favorite might have his upcoming hopes dashed.  Finally, how much of a slide is the

Can Kei Get it Done in Paris? A look at Indian Wells and His Serve

Indian Wells is an odd tournament this year.  Not in the result of the high seeds as they are pounding their foes into the ground.  The timing goes into the French Open has those that play other venues this week with a small advantage due to playing on clay.  Another head scratcher is that this

Winners and Losers of the ATP This Week

Even flashes in the pan can be valuable.  While they are too erratic to wager on their own merit, they provide glimpses into the prowess of other players.  What high profile upset does just that last week?  Also what person on the cusp took a step back to the one of the hardest working players

Early Front Runners To Ascend the ATP in 2015

A second distinct level of talent is rising on the ATP tour.  With Novak and Andy clearly at the top, Rafa and Roger are ripe to fall.  Now there is a kind of player ready to get to that second tier by demonstrating dominance over all but the top two.  Who are they and what

Aussie Open Enters Week Two

One round until ratings gold will be found for ESPN.  Will the network get another desired matchup?  Is there any value in fading this from happening?  Finally, what male player is about ready to leap into the Big Four.  He is doing everything right in blasting near equal players off of the court.  Read all