Andy Murray Conquers Clay in Belgium to Win Davis Cup

1936 was a long time coming as Andy Murray brought the Davis Cup home for Great Britain.  Host Belgium tried every aspect of home court advantage including resorting to use a clay court.  This would not deter the nation who has not even been in a Davis Cup final since 1978.  Here at APEX Tennis

Murray to Miss End of Year Championships for Davis Cup?

  Few words rile up professional athletes as much as the term mandatory does.  So one can understand why Andy Murray is in a tizzy.  Britain has made it to the Davis Cup final against Belgium in a streak reminiscent of that Englishman winning Wimbledon drought he snapped.  Only one thing could ruin this and

Roger Wins Davis Cup as He Vanquishes Gasquet

Christmas came early in Switzerland as Tsonga fell victim to a right arm injury.  Suffered sometime in the vicinity of his loss to Wawrinka, the French star was blown off the court by Stan’s 61 winners.  Now the French coach had a decision with the entire Davis Cup on the line.  Try and go with a

ATP London Aftermath, Davis Cup Final, and Aussie Open Upcoming!

While nearly unwatchable fr the most part, ATP London was pretty predictable and gained us profit from the early rounds.  Most of the watches were runaway affairs which made wagering the under totals a cash cow.  With Federer waving the white flag before the Finals, Novak triumphed once again and capped off a pretty satisfying