North of the Border Heroes Having Different Results

APEX Tennis Betting looks north of the border to foster hope of late season profit.  Both the ladies and men of Canadian tennis have served us well in the past.  However, recent events have caused another downtick in one woman’s career.  On the men’s side, we see a Maple Leaf native giving us complete efforts.

US Open Nightcap 9/7 Fed vs Isner

Ah night time tennis on a national holiday in the Big Apple.  The combination of the three make it must watch television but what happens when Roger Federer is thrown into the mix.  The ageless one has been ripping through the men’s draw but faces an opponent that could play havoc with his return game.

Benefits of Betting Tennis at an Online Sportsbook

When quality streaming came to the Internet, the environment for betting tennis at an online sportsbook exploded. No longer are those that tail the WTA and ATP relegated to flash score updates. The Tennis channel and various other feeds on the internet allow us greater access to the players. Our handicapping has improved. See why

Same Cast but Different Roles in ATP Top Ten

Most of the top ten do not come as a surprise when the newest rankings came out.  Sure, Cilic holding onto #10 speaks to how slowly some declines are to be seen.  No the cast of characters are mostly the same but a few oddities in the ordering are certainly to note.  Most of the

Change in Rankings Reflect French Open Futures

While the mountain top still sees the same face perched upon it, those that aspire to dethrone the #1’s have changed.  The WTA sees a new power rise to challenge Serena.  ATP fans see a new player rise from a small country to challenge the titans.  With the landscape alterations, the futures for the French

Two of the Big Four Floundering As Clay Court Season Arrives

  What Resides in the Head of Murray? More times Andy Murray limits himself rather than pushing beyond himself with his on court antics.  He is not rude but very demonstrative of how he feels the match is going.  This give more hope to foes than he should allow.  After losing to Novak in three

ATP Rounds Into Form For Aussie Open 2015

Novak vanquishes all that he encounters. Such a well rounded role model that the only scoop that was even laughable is his continued quest to dominate the donkey cheese market. Federer did not get another slam but made pundits look silly on speculation that Father Time caught up with him. Apex Tennis will look at