Shun Simona at New Haven Event

A first was rebuffed on the ATP tour this weekend.  The clear number one had a moment in history in his grasp but it slipped from his fingers.  Find out how the formula that was used to defeat him is not optimal for the US Open.  Also on APEX Tennis Betting, we look at the women in New Haven and see who is a never bet in this tourney.

Golden Masters Denied

Ha a paltry four events of the Grand Slam receded into the background for one week as Novak made his way to Cincinnati.  He had the other eight titles of the Master’s series tucked away in his resume.  With a win there and he would be the first to win every event in that series.  No one told Roger not to derail history as he took it to the world’s #1 player.  A 7-6, 6-3 win was defined by the prowess of pressure.  Roger went to the net often and got 21 of 29 points in the process.  This might be the formula to beat Novak in New York but can a 34 year old during the course of two week potential five set rounds make it to the final and muster the energy to be this relentless during the US Open.

Shun Simona

Halep and the future of winning this should not be wagered under any circumstance.  She is playing well and regained the #2 spot.  This tournament means nothing in the long run.  Simona has played ten matches in two weeks and this last tune up should be shunned.  Winning a major is what matters so look for her to phone it in or withdraw from it.  Now onto the positive aspects of wagering for this one.

We see the WTA New Haven as equally balanced but two of the better running players look to regain form in this one.  Radwanksa is in career recovery mode after a prolonged injury.  The rating points and cash matter for her. Meanwhile Wozniacki is becoming a less pretty but slightly better Anna on the court.  While Caroline has no fitness issues, she suffers from the mental hiccups in majors and Serena.  However with both presences absent in New Haven, look for her to flourish.  These are your realistic favorites in the tourney and their matches should be the ones you watch and wager this week.