Same Cast but Different Roles in ATP Top Ten

Most of the top ten do not come as a surprise when the newest rankings came out.  Sure, Cilic holding onto #10 speaks to how slowly some declines are to be seen.  No the cast of characters are mostly the same but a few oddities in the ordering are certainly to note.  Most of the times right before the French, the rankings take on less significance but not this year.  Join Apex Tennis Betting as we look at the shakeup in Men’s Tennis and what it means for the French Open this year.


While not destined for the glue works, Rafa has been betrayed by his body as of late.  Now he has slipped from the confines of the top five in the world for the first time in a decade.  While the gap between four and seven is minute, Nadal finds himself at #7.  He is peering up at Kei and Berdych.  That Tomas is more of a model of consistency these days says a lot about Rafa’s decline.  French Open futures that feature him should be avoided unless the price is over +300 to win.

One Dimension

There are several ways that one can manipulate the rankings in men’s tennis.  One is to pull a Thomas Muster and play every event under the sun.  The other is to have one facet of your game shine so brightly that few can cope with this weapon.  Milos Raonic and his #4 ranking has made the best use of his bomb’s away serve.  Used to be that the clay at Roland would take most of the sting out of his aresenal.  Nowadays these one dimensional players can even make hay at Roland Garros.  He is another to skip for futures in France.

If Novak takes a tumble, one of the clay court specialists from South America could come up and swipe a Grand Slam title.  The top ten as of right now are allergic to winning and even good health right now.  Stan languishes at #9.  Cilic is a hot mess at #10.  Ferrer is ancient at #8.  Next week, Apex Tennis Betting will look at some high return clay courters that could cash it in big time.  Good fortune and please take a moment to steady yourself after this week’s rankings.