Onto Grass Court Season After French Open Recap

Both the season and the surface is set to change as both tours prepare to leave France. The grass court season culminating in Wimbledon brings a new style of obstacle to overcome in picking winners. Before look ahead, let us peak in the past to see what we can learn from the French. So without any further ado, let Apex Tennis Betting bring you our conclusions to build upon this summer.

Out of Gas

Even the perpetual Novak finally gave out in a four set loss to Stan Wawarinka in the finals of the French Open on Sunday. Having to had to play for three days in a row proved to be more tasking than an exhausting match against Tsonga followed by a day’s rest. Stan did not fold after losing the first set and in a blink of an eye the next two sets went his way. Firmly against the wall, the Joker roared out to a break lead in the fourth but finally succumbed to first attrition and finally Stan. While this does not effect his stranglehold on the world’s #1 ranking, he is shut out of both the career and calendar Grand Slams. For Stan, it was retribution as he moves from the likes of Del Potro and other one hit wonder single slam title winners. An enthralling match that had a massive return of over +500 for those that tailed Wawarinka.


So Serena won another Saturday Slam final. Her dominance is slipping not in the amount but the manner of how she is winning matches. Errani aside, Williams went three sets on many occasions with the distinct impression that the better player did not get through. Her footwork has slowed as well as her shots losing some power. What has increased leaps and bounds is her ability to gut out the win. Maria had kept her spot near the top of the ladies game mostly on her skill to mentally outlast her opponent. Serena is now at that level. With Halep, Caroline, and Kvitova all missing this element, Williams is on a perch she should have been shoved off. Lots of talent but few if any champions are coming up the ranks in the ladies game these last few years.

Nadal’s pursuit of the all time slam record seems stalled forever. Kei has slipped in his assault at being one of the top four in the game. On the women’s side, Kvitova will once again have to prove she is a grass court savant to keep her place in the top ten. The ladies of yesteryear like Eugenie have already ebbed and faded away. Check in with us next time as we start to look at the grass court tune ups for our tennis profit. Good fortune from us all at Apex Tennis Betting.