On an Island, Novak takes New York

Novak was only the slightest of favorites at -131 to beat Roger in the US Open Final.  Heart more than head propelled more than the wagering lines in this one.  Find out what elements of the atmosphere made this one of Djokovic’s greatest accomplishments.  We celebrate the world #1’s greatness in this edition of APEX Tennis Betting.

Before the Talk of Grand Slams

Another barometer of how dominant a player is in that respective era are the weeks they sit atop the heap with the world’s #1 ranking.  Johnnie Mac is the next in line to fall as Novak will eclipse 170 weeks in short order.  The whose who of greats only remain to be leapt.  They include

  • Roger at 302
  • Pete Sampras and his 286 weeks
  • Ivan Lendl at his 270
  • Feisty Jimmy Connors at 268.

Ivan Lendl we would not have guessed. This is more a testimony of hard work and consistently getting deep in the Slams.  With Roger getting up there and Rafa’s body betraying him, it is laughable to imagine Andy Murray keeping Novak in sight for the top spot in the rankings.

Onto the Four Set Victory

US Open crowds love the under dog unless Serena is playing.  Roger gives the that aging champion to root for.  One more time lived in the hearts of the crowd as the Swiss master captured an equalizing second set.  Alas Novak took advantage of that one handed back hand of Federer to take it home.  If not for a Herculean performance by Wawrinka, we would be gushing about Joko’s calendar slam.

Now one calculate age (28) verses slams won which is ten.  The con side to this is that the apprenticeship it took Joko to break the Rafa – Federer lasted years.  On our pro side to get to career slam records is that there is no one coming up to stop him.  We could probably pencil him in for three next year.  We wish him look and advise all our readers to sharpen their spread capping abilities because the -135 ML’s on Novak are a thing of the past now.