Olympic Tennis Upset Novak in 1st Round

Lightning fast courts are fueling Olympic Tennis Upset fever.  Great to see you again at APEX Tennis Betting.  We are witnessing some of the faster hard court surfaces seen in quite a while.  With South America having a penchant for producing clay courters, most of their native sons are not doing so well.  However, one man returning from years of injury got to face the worlds #1 in the opening round.  How did Del Potro upset Novak 7-6 and 7-6 to eliminate Djokovic from the Summer Games?

Olympic Tennis Upset Novak

This was not a  case where the #1 player just did not show up.  He had his A game going as there were no breaks of serve in the game like american version.  How come?  Well it was a perfect storm of conditions that fed right into all that talents that Juan Martin Del Potro excels at!  A big club of a forehand.  Super fast courts so that Novak’s mobility and DP’s lack of it does not come into play.  Finally, the balls bounce up well enough so that his 6’6″ frame can ease into the shot.  It was pinball tennis at its best.

Slow Players Benefit

Those that clomp around the court are at an advantage here.  Players like Stosur, Kvitova, and Del Potro are slow a foot but by having the courts so fast that the points are over so quickly.  This lends greatly to their power games.  Counter punchers and even those that rely on a great deal of mobility lose so much equity in our wagers.  Look for these time of players on both tours to exploit at the Sportsbook in Americas Bookie for the rest of the Olympic tennis tournament.

Plenty of action still to come in tennis.  Oddsmakers rely on mathematical models to set their prices.  The court conditions in RIO trump their calculations.  Go with the slower more power based players for your profit in these games.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Tennis Betting.