Novak Navigating New Heights in Paris Masters Victory

Win or lose, one can always count on Andy Murray to entertain us.  His antics and clear demonstration of how he is feeling at the moment makes for riveting television.  He got another chance at Novak this weekend in the finals of the Paris Masters.  Alas, he was shot down once again.  Learn if he is making progress at the Joker or was it rout like usual.  Also what benchmarks did Novak achieve in this near end of year victory.

Coping with Second Best!

He has got past Federer because of age and Nadal for health reasons, Andy should be #2 in the world come end of year.  However, the chasm seems to be too wide as the top of the mountain seems far out of reach.  Andy tried to muster a rally in the second set of Paris but Novak just went into a higher gear.  A blistering pace was then set and Djoko ran away with it.  Now the world’s #1 has won twenty two matches in a row.  He has won this even three year in a row and has ten tournament titles to his name this year.  6-2, 6-4 seemed to be an apt representation of what to expect in any tournament not on grass.

Even in England

Terms like brushed aside were used in local newspapers to describe the ease at which their local hero was dispatched.  Out of their last eleven matches, only one has gone Andy’s way.  British tabs are dubbing this the Novak era and that second best in this age is pretty good.  They set up scenarios on whom could beat the worlds #1 and only two players came to mind.  Federer might be able to do it when his serve is really on.  Otherwise only Wawrinka can overpower him and keep up in the foot speed department to get close to him.  With his home nation media saying this, no wonder the silver medal for 2015 looks good.

At least Andy’s health seems to be back.  He had to endure many grueling days in this Masters run this week.  He is a fighter, clawer, and is capable or rallying against anyone mortal.  Alas Olympus is dominated by Novak and Murray has nothing in his arsenal that can dent the titan.  Good fortune with your wagering speculation as APEX Tennis Betting returns next week with a free pick to profit by.