North of the Border Heroes Having Different Results

APEX Tennis Betting looks north of the border to foster hope of late season profit.  Both the ladies and men of Canadian tennis have served us well in the past.  However, recent events have caused another downtick in one woman’s career.  On the men’s side, we see a Maple Leaf native giving us complete efforts.  Read on to find out whom they are and what course each of them are on late in 2015.

Bouchard’s Lingering Trauma

US Opens are known as being hazardous.  Summertime weather with high heat and humidity have taxed the endurance of more than one lady on the WTA.  Eugenie Bouchard was quietly having a quiet comeback near Flushing Meadows when the unfathomable happened.  She slipped in the locker room and suffered a concussion.  Now almost month later and her symptoms are still a cause for concern.  The latest is that she had to withdraw from the Wuhan Open over in China.  In her opening round against Belinda Bencic, she had to leave an event that she made the finals to.  This is really going to hamper her in the ratings.  She has plunged ten spots to #36 in the world.  We send well wishes to this Canadian powerhouse and hope she fully recovers from this concussion.

Milos Start to Fulfill Potential

Over in St. Petersburg Russia, Milos Raonic is now closing out events as well as fulfilling potential.  Milos has always been known as a prime candidate to upset anyone.  The fly in the ointment when wagering on him was that he had dry spells.  Well this prolonged period is at an end as he took down the St. Petersburg Open.  He had to fend off a feisty Joao Sousa in three sets to do so.  What cost Milos a set is the same old equation he has to solve.  He can get break chances but he needs more than his fair share to put away an opponent.  Seven off them could not go his way in the first two games so that the match ended up being extended.

America’s Bookie has opportunities to profit by sports expertise in every corner of the Earth.  With  major and minor tennis events for the offering, one can cash in on their knowledge of the ATP and WTA.  Look for Raonic to continue to flourish and we wish Genie a speedy recovery.  Good fortune in all your sporting event investments and we will see you next time here at APEX Tennis Betting.