Never Too Hot for a Cup of Coffee


Players are migrating to Australia in early 2015 to get used to the intense heat seen on that continent in January.  To facilitate the players, local organizers have come up with some unique events to peek their interest.  One of them is the Hopman Cup.  In that tournament, a legend had an unusual beverage choice that got her off of the bagel ad back into the win column.

Serena Need a Pick Me Up

Flavia Pennetta was having a dream day against the world’s #1.  Not only was she on her game but Williams seemed listless and bored.  The worse thing for the Italian player was to make it too lopsided but alas she did just that winning the first set 6-0.  This got under the champion’s skin and sent her mind a racing.  Now what path the electrical paths in her neurons went we do not know but the end result was a unique solution.  A cup of coffee popped into her mind.  Now this was such a novel solution that she had to consult with the chair to see if this was in the parameters of the performance enhancement agreement.  It was not on the exhaustive list of banned substances so offer they went in pursuit of Starbucks or whatever the local brand was.


Piping Hot

So now on a day over 110 degrees, she merrily sips on her coffee.  Well the legal stimulant appeared to do the job.  She won the next two sets 6-3 and 6-0 over the deflated Italian.  Desperation or inspiration is all to the eye of the beholder.  The point that Apex Tennis will take from it is that this needed boost was necessary over a player she historically dominates.  Futures on Serena should dip slightly on this news.

With the Aussie Open right around the corner, we are banking on the fitness aspect to carry certain ladies through.  We really like Caroline with her marathon background.  She has the game and clearly handled the heat in the past.  At over +1000, this is the bargain of the draw.  Check in with us as the first Grand Slam approaches as we will have more insights for tennis down under.