Muguruza’s Win Opens Up ML and Spread Betting

Muguruza’s win in the final of the French Open over Serena Williams opens up all sorts of avenues with moneyline and spread betting.  Good Afternoon APEX Tennis Betting fans.  Today opens up a new era in WTA wagering.  Serena’s dominance is at an end in tennis.  One of the greatest women to ever step on the court finally looked her age.  Join us as we go over the French Open final with an air of excitement for betting on the WTA.

ML and Spread Betting

For some time, spread betting against Serena Williams has proved to be profitable.  She had morphed into Maria Sharapova in going to three set matches this last year.  Her experience and mental toughness still cashed the moneylines but the spread was becoming increasingly difficult to forecast by the oddsmakers.  For those unfamiliar with spread wagering games in tennis and other sports, ThestreetBetting has an excellent piece that defines most of the facets of the spread.

Muguruza’s French Open Win

This was no fluke by Gabrine.  We saw Serena not even get a sniff at the title in a straight set finals loss.  This was part Muguruza and the rest Father Time.  She finally looked her age on the court.  A step slow where her power was eroded enough on this surface so that can could not overwhelm the field.  Now this opens up a dimension in both betting and the futures market.  Serena has become a fade not only in the remote upset variety but against some of the top women in the filed.

Over the course of the grass court season, we will be looking for situations to exploit the overblon reputation of Serena.  Stay with us each week as these opportunities present themselves at America’s Bookie.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Tennis.