Moneyline Management Tips for the French Open

Monday has come for our moneyline management tips for the ongoing French Open.  Weather has dominated the action more than just delays.  Find out how to adjust your handicapping midstream for this second leg of the Grand Slam.  Both the men and women have been in action and we will take our observations and translate them into cash for us all.

Moneyline Management : Watch the Weather

Standing water on clay is a rare sight to behold in France. This Monday saw such a concentrated deluge that the ground could not absorb it quick enough.  As of result of this wacky weather, the following effect was seen.  The ball and air itself was heavier.  More power is needed to propel the groundstrokes with less than their usual effectiveness here.  At High Street betting, we have used their fantastic piece about moneylines to bolster our sports investment strategy for this event.

Fitness Not Footwork

Two elements of fitness should be the prime consideration here at the French.  The surface is so slow up to Thursday that those that normally can not catch up to the balls can.  Now with these prolonged rallies, fitness will be even more important for more go visit website.  Easiest way to take advantage of this are players that are working their way through injuries.  Search the Internet to determine who is trying to work through muscles pulls and tender wrists.  The cool damp air is not conducive to healing on the court.  Those players like Kei Nishikori go up in value because of their ability to go all day long and their health coming into this one.

Each and every day at the French Open, there is plenty of profit to pluck.  Parlay the moneylines for a tremendous boost to your bankrolls at Americas Bookie.  Good fortune during these two weeks and we will see you next time here at APEX Tennis Betting for more coverage on the French Open.