Kei Continues to Make History

With Nishikori making history at the French, it presents a very interesting match for both profit and entertainment value.  Find out what he accomplished that has not been done in 82 years.  Also whom is his opponent that makes it the second most interesting quarterfinal if Novak-Nadal comes to fruition.  Read on at Apex Tennis Betting to find out all of this right now.

To The Quarters and Beyond?!

Kei becomes the first player from Japan to advance to the quaterfinals in over eight decades. It should could to little surprise considering that he is seeded in the top eight of the world.  Now he gets to play one of the hometown favorites in Tsonga.  With Monfils gone and Gasquet having to play Novak, Jo-Wilfried is the highest ranked countryman left for the French crowd.  There last two matchups had gone the distance and ironically both were in the Paris Masters.  These are the type of matches Kei must win if he ever has hopes of cracking that Top Four.  Roger may lost to Tsonga but that is on faster surfaces.  Other than being at Roland, there is no other way the deck could be stacked more for Kei.  Bet accordingly for him to move on.

Serena Moving Into Sharapova Area

Maria held onto her high ranking for years after her best game was behind her.  She did this through both experience and sheer will.  Now Serena appears to becoming more like this as evident in her last two rounds of the French.  Azarekna had her on the ropes and should have won  the match.  In the last round, Sloan Stephens crushed her like a ragdoll 6-1 in the opening set.  Somehow Serena came back once again to save her tournament.  The days of her dominating French matches are at an end.  If the spread offerings are not adjusted quickly by the books, fading Serena in them should be very profitable this year.

So there we have the profit to pluck this time around.  Kei should rise to the occasion and dispatch Tsonga rather easily.  Also take a heavy look at Serena’s matches.  She is worn down and even if she keeps cashing ML, the spreads are in jeopardy.  So wager accordingly at our favorite tennis sportsbook, America’s Bookie.  Good fortune and we will see you next time at Apex Tennis Betting.