Is Betting on Tennis Profitable?

Is betting on tennis profitable? We have the answer.

Key Points

– Making profits betting on tennis begins with understanding the markets available.

– Tennis is relatively easier to analyze giving bettors numerous advantages over betting other sports.

Is Betting on Tennis Profitable?

Tennis is typically not on a mainstream bettor’s radar, but it should be. Tennis is popular among bettors in Europe and elsewhere in the world. 

There’s a good reason for that. First, there is typically a match available just about every day on the season calendar. 

Second, betting on tennis can be very profitable for bettors who understand the markets.

Tennis Betting Markets

The most popular ways to bet on tennis include the futures market as well as moneyline match bets, game spreads, and totals. However, there’s tons of tennis betting markets.

Bettors can place a futures bet on a player to win a tournament. Tennis tournament futures offer great odds when examining tennis betting lines.. It’s not unusual to find a favorite at odds of between +500 and +900.

Bettors can also wager on individual matches. This is much like betting on baseball. You bet on either Player A or Player B to win.

Game spreads are also available. Often, tennis odds are bigger because of the variance between really good players and their opponents. Game spreads can be a better wager in those cases.

Player A is a -1200 favorite over Player B at top tennis sportsbooks. The game spread is -4.5 at odds of -120. If Player A wins at least five games more than Player B, a spread bet on the favorite wins.

There are also other tennis betting markets such as props bets like exact score and live bets. Bettors should have a good understanding of each of the tennis markets in order to find bets that are profitable.

Surface & Weather

Since most tennis tournaments are played on outdoor courts around the world, weather can be a factor when it comes to betting.

Just as wind is a factor in betting baseball and football games, it can be a factor in a tennis match. 

Another huge factor is the playing surface. Wimbledon is played on grass. The French Open is on clay and the Australian Open is played on a hardcourt. 

Each surface is different as the ball bounces differently on each one. Some players are more effective on one surface versus another. 

Keep an eye on both the surface and the weather conditions before placing your wagers.

Easier Analysis When Asked – Is Betting on Tennis Profitable

One big reason why the average bettor can have more success in betting on tennis is that the analysis is much easier. 

It’s an individual sport, so you only need to look at two specific players in a singles match. You analyze how these players play on a certain surface, strengths, weaknesses, etc. 

Researching just a single player on one side and a single player on the other is much easier than doing so for an entire team. 

This is a huge advantage in betting on tennis and one of the reasons why betting on tennis is profitable.

With solid money management and sound betting models, the average bettor can profit from betting tennis.