Injury Woes Derail Cilic Before Aussie Open

A flash in the pan might have been Marin Cilic’s US Open title run.  Now a shoulder and arm injury not only hampered his on court results but will also prevent him from making key events.  News from down under has it that he was withdrawn from the Aussie Open citing the right shoulder as a source.  Let us at Apex Tenis Betting see how his 2014 ended and if it was only an incredible heater he went on for his grand slam win.

Goran and the Serve

Fire off the racquet and in the belly propelled his US Open success.  These two elements had him being near the top ten but not the world beater he was during this run. He blew people off of the court and kept it going with the attitude.  Now maybe he was pushed beyond his limits as a shoulder injury is the crux of his newly acquired major motions.  So even with a full recovery, his serve will still do well but not the flame thrower it was in New York

Aussie open 2015

End of 2014

Disinterested or no overcoming the shoulder was a major limitation in the year ending championships.  Novak and Berdyc 6-1h threw him around like a rag doll.  Stan went to three sets in a match that was not all that relevant.  Karlovic get him in three sets with two of them in the very late stages where serving is supposed to seal the deal.  Finally, even Andy Murray was glad to see Marin as 6-1 and 6-4 was more routine than the Brit has been used to.  So with no momentum what to speak, Marin is better served taking the hit to his ranking points until he can recover fully.

With less than a week away, the draw is not due to be released until later this week.  So the seedings will shift but with the top talent still dominate, only the dance partners will change.  A different set of wallflowers to try and outstep the Titans.  Stay tuned to Apex Tennis Betting to see whom we wager on at this year.