Handicapping Tips and Strategies for Betting on Tennis

Betting on tennis is a year-round endeavor. It is one of the sports that you can place bets on year-round. Whether international competition or professional tournaments with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), you are never at a loss when looking for tournaments to bet on.

Betting on Tennis

There are some tips and strategies that you must think about when betting on tennis. Tennis betting is a very fun and a lucrative adventure for some, but it is not for everyone. You need to know how to bet on tennis.

Whether you like to live bet on tennis or simply just make futures bets, you will need to make sure that you know what to look for when placing your bets. 

To follow are some tips and tricks that you might think about using as you look to place tennis bets. Make sure to find your own rhythm, but these are some things that we look for before placing our bets.

Study How the Player Plays Under Pressure

Tennis is all about pressure and how the player handles it. You should always look at the statistics behind each player and how they perform in breakpoint situations. You can find their breakpoints transformed. You’ll also find breakpoints saved and then calculate how they should do in a breakpoint scenario.

This is very helpful when live betting tennis because you can easily find a strength or a weakness in seconds.

Watch how players handle pressure situations

You can also use these statistics to determine who to bet on pre-match for the event. 

If there is someone who is very good in breakpoints and is playing someone who is very bad, that might lead to many points won. We look to breakpoint statistics for a lot of our knowledge when betting on tennis.

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Watch the Odds Before the Match

If you are going to be betting on the Moneyline of individual matches, I would keep a close eye on how the odds move before the match begins. Unlike some other sports, tennis odds seem to change rather significantly at times. They can provide excellent value if you catch it in time. 

The odds movement could result from fitness issues or a potential medical situation at times.

Another stigma around tennis is that the top-end players might seem less motivated in lesser events. This could cause their odds to fall right before a match as the opponent sees some extra action.

Watching out for these trends is a very good way to capitalize on the Moneyline just before a match takes place. It’s also important to look at betting tennis games & totals. The more informed you become, the more you can handicap tournaments.

Betting on Tennis – Where Players are Comfortable

Tennis has many different places that it can be played. It is not like basketball, always played indoors on a court in good weather. 

Tennis can be played indoors or outdoors and on multiple different types of courts. Tennis is also played in inclement weather of all kinds. With the various situations that players could find themselves in, it is paramount to look at their performance on different fields of competition.

If you have a tournament that will take place on clay, make sure that you look at the records of the players on the clay surface. 

While someone might be 20-5 overall, that player could have a record of 2-4 on clay surfaces. That does not make that player much of a smart bet to win. 

In contrast, a player may be 17-63 overall in tournaments but may be 15-2 on clay courts, making them a good bet for the event. The best offshore sportsbook will always know this info.

Options When Wagering on Tennis

Make sure that you always look at the type of courts that the players will be playing on and if the event is indoors or outdoors. This could go a long way to making sure you make a winning bet. 

This is all straightforward information to find, making checking it out even more accessible. The top tennis sportsbooks will offer huge menus for all events. When it comes to tennis majors, you’ll find a near unlimited number of betting options.

Tennis players are creatures of habit, and finding out where they are comfortable is a crucial component to not only betting on them but for themselves as well. You can also use this tip when betting on specific match money lines rather than overall tournament odds.

Our handicapping tips and strategies is a series we created for every wagered sport. The latest was a guide to betting on hockey. Become a better hockey bettor today!