Change in Rankings Reflect French Open Futures

While the mountain top still sees the same face perched upon it, those that aspire to dethrone the #1’s have changed.  The WTA sees a new power rise to challenge Serena.  ATP fans see a new player rise from a small country to challenge the titans.  With the landscape alterations, the futures for the French Open have seen similar ripples.  Apex Tennis Betting will examine the ramifications of the last few weeks of action on the courts.

A Useful Barometer?

In the past when the top four were cracked on the ATP tour, the interloper would soon be put in his place.  Well approaching this year’s French Open we have another outsider seeking to crack this men’s tennis strata.  With the field about ready to overtake Rafa, Kei leads the way and got within one hundred rating points.  His tourney win last weekend has put him in this spot.  Is this a harbinger for the French or will the physical ailments that Nadal seemed to have suffered go away in the Grand Slam that he has put his personal stamp on?

Grit Gone Bye Bye

With Nadal teetering, Sharapova has fallen from her perch as #2.  This time it is Haelp who has nestled up to Serena in the WTA rankings.  Unlike the top four, there has been a constant changing to see who gets closest to Serena.  That Maria held this with her advancing age and non existent serve is a testimony to sheer effort.  If this were to slip during the French, who knows how far down she go plummet.

The Odds now reflect the recent changes to the rankings.  Where Novak and Rafa were running neck and neck, Joko is now the odds on favorite at -105 to Nadals +195.  Meanwhile, the WTA has Halep a solid second at +400 behind Serena’s +275.  While the ladies side seems wide open, if players like Bouchard can get some time away from the bowling lanes, we might able to glimpse the future of tennis.  Good fortune to us all at Apex Tennis and we will see you next week as the French finally arrives.