Best Tennis Sportsbooks for Bettors

Are you looking for the best tennis sportsbooks? Here you go!

Key Points

– The best tennis sportsbooks for bettors offer numerous betting options.

– The best tennis sportsbooks also offer wagers on smaller events and cater to bettors with different bonuses and promotions.

The Best Tennis Sportsbooks

If you haven’t figured it out yet, betting on tennis is one of the best niches for sports bettors. The sport is not as popular to wager on as others like football and basketball, but the rewards can be plenty.

Betting on tennis is extremely popular with bettors around the world. One reason is the ATP and WTA calendars which offer wagers almost every single day of the tennis season. Another is just the sheer number of tennis betting options available.

The ATP and the WTA also make a lot of data available to the public which helps in making betting decisions.

If you are thinking about betting on tennis, one of the first things you will need to do is find a quality sportsbook. What should you look for in the best tennis sportsbooks for bettors?

Tennis Betting Options

First and foremost, you want a tennis sportsbook that offers all the options. Remember, it’s one of the reasons why bettors love betting on tennis. It’s the same reason why private bookmakers need a top tennis pay per head service.

The most basic of tennis bets is a futures bet on a tournament champion. In addition, you can wager on individual matches where there are numerous options.

Tennis betting options

There are moneyline bets on an individual winner. You can even bet on just the first set which is like betting the first quarter or half in football and basketball or the first five innings in baseball.

There are also spread bets on games and sets.  Just as you would bet on the point spread in an NFL or NBA game, you can do the same in a tennis match and do so in two different ways.

Futures bets are great in tennis too because bettors can find great value even on overall tournament favorites. It’s no surprise finding a tournament favorite at +500 to +1000 leading up to an event.

The bottom line is that the best tennis sportsbooks for bettors offer lots of options.

Smaller Events & Best Tennis Sportsbooks

Any tennis sportsbook competing for your money will carry the major tennis events like the Australian and French Opens as well as the other Grand Slam events. 

The best tennis sportsbooks will also have offerings for smaller, less popular events held all over the world. The Serbia Open, The BMW Open in Germany, and the Mutua Madrid Open in Spain are all examples of these smaller events. 

These are events that see less traffic than the NFL or NBA. As a result, smarter bettors can find some great value bets. Make sure your tennis sportsbook offers these lesser-known events.

Bonuses & Promotions

Another key factor in choosing the best tennis bookmakers is bonuses. With so much competition in the industry now, sportsbooks have to offer incentives for new and existing customers. That can be a huge benefit for bettors.

Most sportsbooks offer generous welcome bonuses such as a 100 percent initial deposit match of sometimes as high as $1,000 

Other promotions are offered to keep existing customers. Some sportsbooks offer gambler’s insurance of 10 percent on net losses. Other offer contests and much more all in an effort to continue earning a bettor’s business.