ATP London Aftermath, Davis Cup Final, and Aussie Open Upcoming!

While nearly unwatchable fr the most part, ATP London was pretty predictable and gained us profit from the early rounds.  Most of the watches were runaway affairs which made wagering the under totals a cash cow.  With Federer waving the white flag before the Finals, Novak triumphed once again and capped off a pretty satisfying 2014.  So what can we carry from London into 2015 with?  The Davis Cup Final has the rivalries and equal tennis upcoming later this month.  Finally, is Stan regaining his form to defend his Men’s title at the Aussie Open?  Apex Tennis Betting now examines these three issues for our valued readers.

Three of the Big Four Laboring

Nadal could not even make it and Murray was in body only.  Andy got one win but gained no momentum going into 2015.  The fire that Lendl gave him is quenched and few can gleam what if any benefits that Amelie gains him.  Now all the work that Roger put in rewinding the clock might be for naught.  He fought back Stan in the semi’s in a very entertaining match but had to pull out of the final because of a back injury.  Ever the professional, this was not a phantom injury that perhaps Raonic had in his pulling out earlier in London.  Federer is loyal to his fans and to miss this level of final betrays how serious this back issue is.  The futures on Novak for Australia will be near even money or perhaps worse to win it.  Besides Wawrinka, there are few other in form to seriously pose a threat to him in early 2015.

Ready to Gamble on France for Davis Cup Final

Will Roger be ready or will Switzerland’s chances greatly diminish if he can not go for his country?  France is one of the few teams that has the potential of upsetting or losing to anyone.  Temperamental talent for all of their singles and part of their doubles has the roller coaster effect for this final. Tsonga, Monfils, and Gasquet can all sling it when they are on.  However, a bit of adversity and they can all crash and burn.  Next week, we will peek at the odds and try to solve the complications this final provides the experts.


Australian Opne 2015

Stan Rounding Into Form

How meaningful was that destruction of Wawrinka at the hands of Novak at London?  The loss did not prevent either from advancing so can it be viewed more as an exhibition.  The semi final 7-6 (8-6) third set tiebreaker loss to Federer now has to be taken with a grain of salt because we do not know the level of health Roger was in that one.  The best indicator of form was the demolition of Bedrych.  If he can do that to a constant top ten player then he is ready to defend his Aussie title in 2015.

My name is Jaden Gregory and it is my pleasure to be writing for APEX sports.  I have expertise in quite a few sports with tennis being the best of all of them.  I hope to inform and guide us all to profit for the upcoming ATP and WTA seasons.  Catch me each and every week here.  Have a productive week and I am hard at work unearthing angles for the Davis Cup Final later this month.