ATP Impressions From Miami

Novak keeps on going but there is another person on the ATP that has been rock steady in the early going.  What player should have the ML parlay component bet on  in the early rounds?  Also find out what hometown favorite might have his upcoming hopes dashed.  Finally, how much of a slide is the former many time French Open champ in?  Read all of this at Apex Tennis Betting.

Alert on French Open Dark Horse

  • Monfils took a very nasty tumble in Miami against Berdych.  So much so that he only played one more game and then retired 6-3, 3-2.  Something to keep in mind for the long two week French Open.

Nadal Falling Apart

The field is enjoying that fact that they are catching up to Rafa in remarkable ways.  Miami saw Verdasco get his second win in almost twenty matches in straight sets.  It is remarkable because Tommy forget to use the morning warm up session to get ready.  Players used to quake in fear of Nadal and now they are sensing blood in the water.  Fade in the French Open futures.

Do Not Read a Lot Into Kei

  • 6-2 6-2 sounds like how he should thrash Troicki.  However the Serb sought medical treatment for an injured left side.  He looked very limited out there.  Judge Kei in the later rounds of Miami as this round was a wash for him.

Finally, Berdych looks to be good as a parlay component ML for any tourney up to the quarters.  He is six for six this year in reaching that stage.  What he does afterwards is very much up in the air but players of this consistency are great to build bankrolls around slowly.  So gear up for the ATP portion of the French Open.  It is Novak’s to lose but lots of value in match wagering still exists.  Tune in next time at Apex Tennis Betting for the ladies side of things at the French.