Antwerp Dominates WTA Interest This Week


Take your pick on which of two continents to plunk down your WTA wagers this week.   After Australia, the ladies scattered in the winds to the four corners of the Earth.  Well make it two in this case as Asia and Europe see the actions this week.  Antwerp in particular has a bevy of top talent as almost half of the women’s top twenty will take the court their. While Pattaya City will see good actions as well, we will only peek in on Thailand.  So without any further ado, let Apex Tennis Betting evaluate our WTA options this week.

First Time for Eugenie

At an event of this strength, this is the initial time that Eugenie Bouchard has been the top seed.  This is an excellent opportunity for her to reap a Premier Title.  For all her pub all that she really has in her pocket is Nurnberg.  That was an International Title which is a click below Antwerp.

High Quality Event but Not for the Reason One Would Think

Clijsters Antwerp

A legend in Kim Clijsters is playing not only hostess but the Tournament Director here  She has fond memories here as she crushed this tourney in 2004.  Losing less than twenty games in four matches, she has very familiar with all the surroundings.  This should be a very well ran event which gives players like Kerber a great chance to win.

Why Kerber?

Indoor hard court tournies this time of year have seen Kerber play well in the past.  2012 saw Paris as the city she conquered as she took the Premier title there.  Now Antwerp has replaced that but Angelique does very well in this portion of the season.  As the season wears on, she suffers from attrition but right now she is fit as a fiddle with energy reserves to tap.


  • Eugenie +275
  • Kerber +550
  • Safarova +600
  • Cibulkova +1000
  • Cornet +2500

These are the futures of note for the Antwerp event.  Cibulkova should be lower but bettors are shying away after she got blasted off the court in Australia.  Cornet at +2500 is interesting.  She lacks the stamina to make it through two weeks but here she could bolster your bankroll with a small quarter unit wager.  Finally, it looks like Kerber is more on her game than Eugenie.  For my money, Kerber should take Antwerp.  Dont forget to make all your WTA wagers at America’s Bookie.  Until next time, good fortune.