Andy Murray Conquers Clay in Belgium to Win Davis Cup

1936 was a long time coming as Andy Murray brought the Davis Cup home for Great Britain.  Host Belgium tried every aspect of home court advantage including resorting to use a clay court.  This would not deter the nation who has not even been in a Davis Cup final since 1978.  Here at APEX Tennis Betting, we will look not only at the final match but what effect this will have for the island nation.

Fred Perry Vanquished Again

First Wimbledon and now the Davis Cup has been removed from the items that Fred Perry haunts.  Near an industrial complex nestled in a warehouse, David Goffin tried as he could but Murray would not be deterred from his moment in history.  Straight sets with only the second one evening going to a 7-5.  The punctuation to this was the lob winner that nearly touched the low hanging rafters.  Match point and the court was stormed by the British team.  This is a remarkable turnaround for a team that was almost relegated to the depths of Euro-African Zone Group Three.  Yes it is as remote as it sounds.  Five years later, Great Britain stands at the top of men’s team tennis.

Another Revival

British tennis saw a spike in numbers when Andy took down the home tournament.  Now the Davis Cup win is expected to see youngsters once again flocking to the court.  Tennis associations in England better do well with this golden opportunity laid at their footsteps by Andy Murray.  Andy gets an inordinate amount of criticism for his losses so we at APEX Tennis Betting decided to dedicate this piece to him when he came up the biggest he could for King and Country.