About Tennis Betting : Mental Meltdowns on Court 5/2

Mental strength is a factor about tennis betting that is often overlooked.  Good morning APEX Tennis Betting fans as this Monday brings us even closer to the start of the 2016 French Open.  Clay court season is upon us and the pressures of this surface are getting to some of the players.  In particular, judgment about fitness or a lack of it had a profound impact this last weekend.  We will look at two examples on tour and see what conclusions can be drawn from the mental meltdowns we all witnessed.

About Tennis Betting : Temper

Our about tennis betting instructional article urges one to keep abreast of the situations on tour by consuming all the coverage that the Internet can provide.  One needs to look no further than Istanbul for this to play out.  Grigor Dimitrov is a fast surface player.  His serve propels the rest of his game.  So when he makes a clay court final, the pressure is on him to convert one of these rare chances.  Alas being a set up and 5-2 lead in the second was not enough.  He let the moment slip away and his temper started to assert himself.  Draining his fitness, his emotions ran roughshod over him. Watch this disqualification in the final unfold before your very eyes.

Thank you to Stefan Dimov on Youtube for posting this.  There is no coming back from this until the grass court season comes around.  He is a sure fade for the French Open as he will remember this squandered moment for all of May.

Madrid Open

Danger of having too much clay court success is that one does not want to stop playing for fear of losing the feel on the court.  Angelique Kerber had been winning all the clay court warmups before this one.  This concentrated schedule caught up to her as she was bounced in the first round at Madrid by a player who has never taken a set from her before.  Kerber has finally been cashing in on all this potential but must now learn restraint.  Ironically, if she plays and does well in the final tuneups, it could hurt her prospects for a deep run in the French.

The ability to say no has value for both players and handicappers.  Grigor should have just listened to that voice of restraint before the meltdown occurred.  Kerber should take some time off before the French.  Is winning the small ones just to see the Grand Slam event slip away really worth it?  While Dimitrov is a fade, we hold the no vote off on Kerber.  We will track her schedule and reserve judgment until the French Open arrives. Good fortune today and we will see you next time here at APEX Tennis Betting.