2016 US Open News for Week Two

Both tours have trending items for the 2016 US Open News for the start of week two.  Del Potro advanced not only because he was winning but also because Thiem had to retire due to his knee.  The ladies side sees another scenario where Serena could lose the #1 spot.  Great to see everyone here at APEX Tennis Betting.  Let us get to these situations in the final Grand Slam event of the year right now.

2016 US Open News : Do the Math on Kerber

A consistent grinder who plays a lot of event has put Serena Williams’ number one ranking once again to the test.  Kerber has made the quarter finals of the US Open so that translates into Serena need to make the finals to keep the top spot in the world.  With that in effect, there is still more pressure to be applied.  If Kerber makes then final then Serena must win the whole ball of wax to maintain her perch atop the women’s tennis world.  Until one actually does the math it is almost stunning that someone that was going for the Serena Slam just last year could lose the #1 ranking so quickly.  At least the rumors in last year’s Open about Serena Williams proved to be unture.

Lowest Ranked Man in 25 Years to Go so Far

With Del Potro getting to the quarter finals, he becomes the lowest ranked man to make it this far in the last 25 years.  Math puts this at the start of the 1990’s.  This is a test of recall that I could not do so we had to look it up.  It was that last run of Jimmy Connors in 1991 that set the bar.  Jim Courier would end up crushing the legend in that match to put him to pasture.  Now we have Del Potro who is not battling Father Time but recovery from injury.  That wrist of his would not heal properly for a long time.  He is back and defying the odds and even his own lack of fitness in this US Open run.

Stamina can not be regained easily in five set matches.  This was one of the main reasons he fell in the Olympic Finals to Andy Murray.  No one has really put him to the test yet.  He plays Wawrinka next and will be quite a match to behold.  Meanwhile, do we really feel that Kerber is better than Serena unless she can win the US Open to take the #1 ranking away from her?  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Tennis Betting.